Automate content and avoid errors


Flawed documents can be a nuisance. They especially hurt if the aspired image of accuracy and correctness suffer because of them. Often the fact that enterprises want to create a close relationship to customers, partners or employees plays a role in this problem, due to more case work instead of automated contents. This can ultimately endanger the legal security of some documents. For all those reasons QA exists within every big company to ensure the quality of the internal and external correspondence.

Our solutions facilitate and optimize this process. Early on you can witness the correctness of form of your documents, because of Cartago®Live's template mechanism that underlies their creation. When designing a template you can determine which fields are to be filled with database content. So as long as the database is current and correct so will be those contents.

QS erleichtern

New workflow structures


Besides the database relevant fields it is also exactly defined what fields are to be edited by a case worker. On top of that mandatory fields are to be dealt with before the rest of the document can be edited. This way careless errors can be avoided like forgetting your name or noting the date on a document. The fields can also be defined in a way that they only accept the required format (e.g. mm.dd.yyyy for date).

If a case workers still sees the need for additional QA the document can be forwarded to a superior or a QA colleague by the press of a button. This will add the document to a to-do list of the responsible persons. After adjusting the document or adding a ticket they can send it back to the caseworker who originally dealt with it. There is also the possibility of making QA mandatory for all documents or just certain ones. An example would be an insurance company that automatically sends documents containing a specific figure and higher into QA to be on the safe side when a certain amount of money is in play.