Room for improvement


There are many workflows to deal with documents that can be created using static data only. Oftentimes you see manual intermediate steps within them. The worst case scenario would be case workers sorting letters and putting them into an envelope by hand. This of course becomes impossible the moment the number exceeds the ten thousands. Other fully automated solutions to tackle the production of mass-documents, the so called batch production, can offer room for improvement as well.

Documents en masse


The Cartago®Live – DocEngine offers a complete batch production workflow and excels especially in performance. The desired form and contents are defined using the Cartago®Live – Designer. The static data is taken from the company's XML database. It can be created using our wide range of interfaces or parsers.

Our high-performance DocEngine then uses this data to fill the relevant fields. Subsequently it automatically creates the desired formats for print, archiving or online usage. The finished file is forwarded to its destination, e.g. being saved in the archive or automatically printed by the company's printers. Up to 2000 pages per PDF document are possible with our solution and the Cartago®Live – DocEngine is accessible through various channels. Especially the web service is an attractive way to operate this software. This way a central archive as well as central printers can easily be reached from different locations.