Human resources


The HR department of a company has loads of different documents to deal with. Due to this mass, proper CI translation is often rationalized due to a lack of resources. The moment there is also a flawed workflow involved this will ultimately reflect on employee morale. Facilitate this sector of your enterprise and revolutionize the way to correspond with employees and colleagues, like our customers do already for years.



Let us take the example of payroll to illustrate how our solutions work. Our template and module mechanisms will make it easy to create a unified look of your payroll documents. The WYSIWYG-Editor as well as the Drag&Drop help to translate your CI onto those documents. This way you can for example include a more personal contact or insert newsletter into the payrolls. Ultimately you will be enabled to carry your CI into the internal parts of your enterprise as well.

Punctual and responsible


But most employees do mainly care for the figures on their payrolls. Because of our XML database generated contents you can guarantee a level of correctness. Of course this information is not for everyone. Our multi-client capable solutions make sure only responsible employees have access to data related to their field of work, no one else. Then, our multitude of formats for printing, archiving or online usage support the distribution to colleagues and employees.

For batch documents (like payroll for example) on the other hand, an automated process can be created. That will take care of timelines (when the documents are to be created), sorting and forwarding the documents and forms to print or archive.