Automobile manufacturers have numerous employees. This quantity often leads to errors in the generated documents. Our solutions assist to reduce the number of errors, thus saving employers time of adjusting essential documents like payrolls or W-2s. Cartago®Live is providing a fully automated  creation of employees' documents in time.

Public administration


There are often problems for public institutions to appear in a unified standard regarding form and content. Reasons for that might be too much work in manual editing of documents or even isolated applications from different branches. Mostly the amount of necessary documents is the biggest challenge. Our solutions facilitate this problem by creating new workflows. You can for example create legal form letters and thereby save resources. If you can identify one of the above mentioned problems in your office or see space for improvement we can assist you to optimize existing structures or even create new processes.

Travel agency


Vacation is very important for the customers of a travel agencys -  with Cartago®Live you can optimize your customer contact with new possibilities to create travel documents or distribute informations. Improve the customer retention  by sending new vouchers or brochures.

With our easy to implement modul you have the possibility to show to every customer the appreciation and the strength of value every single vacation is meant to the company. You have the possibility to take bookings via interactive online PDFs, with the advantage of collecting all important data directly in a central datapool for further handling, thus you have automatically  the correct date for all in- and outgoing travel documents' in form and content.



The industry of telecommunication profits the upmost from Cartago's power regarding high volume serial-documents. Our template and module mechanisms provide an exact translation of your CI in a fully automated and efficient way in combination with all necessary contents for each customer.

You can also insert current information into the bills, create very extensive invoice documents or optimize customer management by using interactive PDFs. These are only a few topics of the advantages of working with Cartago®Live.



Customers of an insurance want to see more than just getting into a business relationship.  At once an accurate communication as well as reliability are expected. Cartago Software offers a simple but effective way for an individual customer relationship management with numbers of customers at the same time.

The clear structure of the database as well as template creation for every section of customer contact saves time and resources. Our solutions is coping for internal as well as field work - the workflow optimization will result in positive attention by your insured members.