Enlarge profits


Major enterprises use up to 2-5% of their revenue to create business documents. They need to keep up with the constant rise in demands related to a more and more individualized customer contact as well as a unified presentation of the corporate identity. When more branches are involved one often encounters isolated applications to deal with the workload. This results in the use of different software. Implementing a Cartago Software Solution can save up to 40-60% of those costs and ensure more profit for the entire company.



The entering wedge


This two-part issue was the reason for Manuel Niemeyer to found Cartago Software in 2008. He used his extensive knowledge of document and output management in general, which he gained through 15 years of experience in this field. In cooperation with our product manager, Oliver Freiseisen, an idea was developed. The sketch below shows a very early draft of this very idea. The framed original always finds a prominent spot in our office. When you hover over the picture (sorry mobile device users) you can see how close it is to the actual finished interface of one of our main components, the Cartago®Live – Designer.

The present


It is this vision that is implemented and developed further by our young, international team with all our hearts. Every opinion, suggestion and idea finds a friendly ear. If those accomplish a better product they will be implemented within small or bigger project, our flat hierarchy supports this greatly. As much as we value communication between us we value feedback from of our customers.