„The Cloud means everything..."


- one of our developers found the right words. He specifically meant the fact, that early on flowcharts used a cloud symbol for external networks like the internet. This symbol was the source of the term "cloud" and this has since become a popular IT marketing catchphrase. Even though the origin of this new IT term is understandable it lead to a loss of meaning. Our Solutions are part of a sub-category of this extensive term: web services. All products of our Cartago®Live suite are web services, 100% SOA and useable according to WC3 standards. But what exactly does that imply?

Central installation and data administration


The installation of our products happens on a server. The server can be located in the customer's office (lan access), in our office or even be an external server (online access). Using current web browsers you are able to access all of Cartago's programs. This includes Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or other user interfaces like SAP GUI. That way you can lower installation effort and maintenance as well as data administration, because everything is managed from a central point.

The future of developement and usage


Besides those functional advantages SOA (service oriented architecture) offers new means of integration and adjustability. A flexible development enables the usage of selected parts of our software suite and their integration into existing document related workflows. This way we can we can assists our customers were new solutions are needed.





Cartago®Live can of course also cover entire parts of the output management. Reaching from data retrieval, template creation and editing up to the finished document ready to be printed, archived or used online. This versatility also shows in our ability to integrate other web services to optimize our solutions.




We have for example three converters available to offer a wide range of output formats. At the same time our products can be integrated as middleware in other SOA based software. This easy way of linking of software components makes SOA a popular developing method. It offers cooperation with partners or integration existing customers systems.

Cloud and SOA still refer to software


SOA and cloud computing is stated as the future of firmware and software in general. Advertising appeal should however not be a reason to make a decision. It is important to try and get an overview over the benefits and the risks for yourself – even if it is puzzling at times. We're happy to help and counsel you in all conscience, just contact us!