Case work


Our Solutions enable you to fill all existing data your company got on customers, employees or corporations – fully automated – in predefined fields of the document. Nevertheless there are documents which need to be modified by an administration clerk. For this event we developed Cartago®Live – Interactive. It is a "light" version of Cartago®Live – Designer, adjusted especially for the duties and responsibilities for executive officers.

Facilitation for your administration



The task here is intuitively defined. One is only able to click on and edit, what is meant to be edited. Elements like layout and accordingly internal company design standards are fixedly defined. The same goes for the above mentioned areas filled in by the database.

The module system of our Designer also makes an appearance in Cartago®Live – Interactive. This reduces the effort in individual editing even further for example through the use of predesigned, dynamic tables.

If there is no individual content modification needed and all the document fields for completion are contained within the template and the company's database, we will enter the field of document automation (high volume of data processing).

schematic: Interactive

Document creation process
  • Templates in need of editing are displayed in a to-do-list


  • Modules enable reuse of reoccurring elements


  • Improved usability thanks to the seperation of Cartago®Live – Designer and – Interactive


  • Seamless implementation into potentially existing document creation processes



Quality assurance
  • Option to send the edited document to QA colleague before sending it to its destination


  • Ntes can be attached to guide the case worker


  • Mandatory fields guarantee desired content


  • Input fields determine, where exactly the content is going to be