Kiss analogue signatures goodbye


One of the newer Cartago®Live features allows digital signature for documents. With only a few clicks you can archive or forward legally valid invoices, payrolls or delivery notes.

Signatures on demand or standard


Cartago®Live – eSignature is applicable to our Cartago®Live – DocEngine as well as to Cartago®Live – Interactive. This way you are able to provide single documents as well as mass-documents with a legally valid signature. There are by the way a number of ways to design this signature by using the company's logo or other image files as a basis. This indicates our flexibility once again, like the fact that Cartago®Live - eSignature smoothly fits into existing systems (ERP, DMS, ECM, ...)

On the save side


...with Common Criteria EAL4+. It is the worldwide highest safety level for digital signatures based on definitions from the German Federal Office for Information Security. This is the reason we have chosen it for the Cartago®Live – eSignature feature.

Schematic: eSignature

Overarching processes


  • Automated mass-document generation


  • Case work


  • interactive PDFs


  • PDF/A for archiving


Product properties


  • Creation of certified and advanced digital signatures


  • Creation of PKCS#7-signature files or embedded signatures


  • Creation of offset or linked signatures


  • QA of the signature via Adobe Reader (6.0 an onwards)