Cartago's center piece


The Cartago®Live – Designer is the center piece of our software suite. It serves to create document templates taking over an output management that is visually accurate (CI) and delivers the correct content. It is designed for an easy usage, due to e.g. Drag n' Drop, WYSIWYG or the familiar MS WordTM-like interface.



Working in the cloud


Usable according to W3C standards via common web browsers or for example SAP GUI the Cartago®Live – Designer is accessible from every single networked desk. A single server installation is needed for multiple access and enables a central administration of data and modules. Our cloud solution enhances communication during the documents' creation process using local networks or the web.

schematic: Designer

Copy & paste 2.0 - modules


The design of templates is supported by a module system. This way it is easy to store elements as programmable logic arrays for multi-usage for other documents (like headers, footers, logos, text blocks, tables, QR-codes, barcodes, and others). This accelerates the process of creating templates and opens up attractive scopes in creating new workflows for your administration.

New structures - access rights

Last but not least, our designer also manages access rights. The design of our solution achieves multi-client capability, as sensitive information is only shared with dedicated members of a group. It is already defined in the creation process who has access to which templates and modules. Your team will appreciate the new easy to handle way of all the relevant documents, data and modules are arranged for them in the daily routine. After the templates are created and access rights are granted, there are two options to go for our document. It either needs individual processing with our Cartago®Live – Interactive or the Cartago®Live – DocEngine's  document automation.




  • Transparent workflow


  • Rules (e.g. if customer: female; salutation: Ms.)


  • Multi-client capability


  • Central management of templates/modules for recurrent purposes


  • Various design options (e.g. Barcode, QR-Code, dynamic tables, rules, ...)


  • Extensive manual, personal trainings