Automated document creation


Telephone bills and payroll. These are two types of documents especially qualified for document automation. What do they have in common? You have a high volume of different recipients at a determined time. Their templates can also be designed in a way that makes individual editing obsolete. Naturally this solution is available for any document falling into this category of mass documents.

Automating creation processes of mass-documents


Cartago®Live – DocEngine has been especially developed to cover the requirements for these automated document creation processes. Only little information is necessary: Which templates are to be filled with which data. As a result the finished documents will be created. Our customers use this component of Cartago®Live to create roughly 4 million telephone bills in 4 hours or 180.000 payrolls once a month. You can also add meta information to enable a smooth processing.

What the Cartago®Live – Engine does goes beyond filling in fields with relevant data. It creates a finished document in the required format (including PDF, PDF/A or both) and forwards it to its destination, e.g. print or archive. This way you can define an automated process. Depending on the company's hardware everything from the integration of data into templates, up to print and enveloping can be managed. Of course you can also archive a digital copy of the document at the same time.

Schematic: DocEngine

Easy troubleshooting


Should an error arise (e.g. due to old data) you can use Cartago®Live – Interactive to fix single documents and sent them back into the Cartago®Live – DocEngine's workflow.

Multi-channel availability:



  • REST Interface


  • Online


  • Hotfolder


  • Command line

Optimize forwarding


  • "Tie up" PDF packages to gain organized output


  • Water marks


  • Duplex or simplex


  • metadata (e.g. to adjust the print jobs to your hardware)


  • Barcodes (e.g. OMR)