Cartago®Live is not an inflexible complete solution of just "overriding" your previous process of creating documents. If you need us to assist you just in parts of your output management, that will be no problem at all. Our way of dealing with customer issues is as flexible as our web based solutions. Our achievements within the SAP environment, lead us to be a certified SAP Partner. This displays only part of the extraordinary integration capabilities of Cartago®Live in existing workflows. Please find all necessary information on the next pages about the software and optimization options we can provide regarding document creation processes.





In the first step of Cartago®Live's document creation process we closely work together with our customers. Together we define how to transfer the already existing data structures of the enterprise into Cartago®Live's (XML) datapool.


Document templates


Based on this database, templates for the necessary variety of documents are created. These templates include fixed elements which are not changeable during the remaining document workflow. For example: fixed areas can include Corporate Design standards. According to those definitions, the data structures are used as a guideline in order to decide, which parts of the document are going to be filled by the datapool contents.

schematic: Overview

Document automation


If no individual modification of the document is necessary we can enter the field of document automation. In this process, the document template is filled with all the relevant information provided by the database. Based on that the document is created in the predefined format for print or archiving. This can for example be used for high volumes of telephone bills or payrolls. Our Cartago®Live suite enables you to create a full-fledged process starting by integrating data into the templates and ending up with the printed document. This process is fully automated and with high performance.


Individual editing


Other than automatically generated documents, there are documents that need to be modified by the person in charge before being completed. While creating the template you can already decide on the elements which can be edited with individual text – or even have to be edited. There are two types of these mandatory fields. The first ones are areas for individual text contents. The second type are mandatory fields which have to be filled in before the rest of the document can even be processed (the date for example). Altogether Cartago®Live provides you with the most complete content, while sticking to optical homogeneity and reducing the effort for all your administrative staff.




As soon as all needed information is implemented into the document (either automated or individually filled), it is formatted accordingly and ready for print, online use or archiving.